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(Read Computer Lab Rules below before using!)

Usage Notes:

  • Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac and other devices sporting a compatible browser and input/output mechanism

  • It does work on Mobile devices, however, it is just as clunky as you'd expect trying to run a desktop app on a mobile device would be. In other words, you probably won't like using it on mobile devices. For mobile devices, use the WebChannel version instead.

  • Should work on all modern browsers. It has been tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but is believed to run in IE too.

  • Loads quickly but uses LOTS of bandwidth while using it, as you are remotely controlling the computer and constantly transferring a graphical image of its screen, so it's like watching a movie or something. If you are on a limited data plan and/or pay for data bandwidth, this will consume that data alotment very quickly and/or be very expensive! You have been warned! For a lower-bandwidth option, use the WebChannel version instead.

  • Interaction speed is dependent on your internet connection! If you are on a slow connection, it will be slow! For slow connections, it's recommended that you use the WebChannel version instead.

  • A limited number of virtual computers can be running at the same time. If there isn't an open computer, you will see an error message. Try back again later. If you continually find it busy, please let me know and I will allocate additional virtual computers.

  • Because the number of users is limited, your Virtual Computer will only run for One Hour before your session expires. Five Minutes before your session expires, you should see a popup message warning you that your session is about to expire. When it has expired, you can reconnect and start a new session if there is a free virtual computer avaialble. This mechanism helps to make sure everyone gets a chance to use it.

  • The Virtual Computers are being hosted on a Spot-Instance account and will only run when the per-hour rate to operate the computers is below a preset limit. During periods of really heavy internet activity, the demand for computer resources my cause the King James Pure Bible Search Virtual Computer Lab to shutdown. If this occurs, continue to check at the Pure Bible Search Online Main Page for status updates.

  • The Virtual Computers are running in an isolated or sandboxed environment and currently have no per-use data storage available. Therefore, this is a "Lite Version" of Pure Bible Search that has User Notes, Cross-References, and Highlighters disabled, since you wouldn't be able to save your work.

  • This version allows you to customize user settings for things like fonts, etc, but they are NOT retained from connection to connection. You'll need to set them again the next time you connect. This is functionally equivalent to using the "Stealth Mode" on the desktop version.

  • Internet session hickups or disconnections will cause the Virtual Computer to automatically reset. If it suddenly closes, it might be due to a temporarily bad internet connection. If that happens try again, perhaps waiting for the internet issues to subside. For the initial connection, you have One Minute to get connected when launching a Virtual Computer. If you haven't connected during that period, it will automatically reset and you'll have to try again to connect.

  • The Clipboard is functional. However, web browsers run all clipboard logic in a sandbox and don't allow websites to automatically set/change the system clipboard. This is done to protect your system from many viruses that attack the clipboard, but it makes for using legitimate programs difficult.

    To use the clipboard, text you copy to the clipboard from within Pure Bible Search is made available when you click the little Clipboard Icon in the upper right-hand side of the noVNC page that's hosting your session. When you click that, a text box will appear with your clipboard content. You then have to select the content there and use your browser's copy function to copy it to your system folder (getting it out of the sandbox).

    Similarly, to paste text into Pure Bible Search, you can click the little Clipboard Icon to bring up the application's clipboard, clear it, and paste your system clipboard content into it. The text will then be available to paste inside of Pure Bible Search. Click on the little Clipboard Icon again to hide the text box. Yes, this is an annoyance, but there just isn't any good way around it.

  • Sometimes you may find that a new (unreleased) version of Pure Bible Search is running in the Virtual Computer Lab. These are running to get some alpha/beta test time for them prior to release. However, they may have unknown bugs, issues, or even crashes. If so, please report any of these anomolies so they can be fixed. (Thanks for helping to debug!)


How it works


King James Pure Bible Search was written in C++ using the Qt Window Framework. This version is running as an Embedded Linux target using VNC (Virtual Network Computing), with a web VNC client known as noVNC. If you'd like to learn more about how these technologies work, here's some links: